Royal Dutch Kentalis

Kentalis promotes the full participation in society of people who are auditory and / or communicatively challenged. Our knowledge and expertise ideally enable them to acquire competencies to indepently make use of language, communication hand information in an adequate manner in order to enable them to control their own lives.

The Speakaboo project is led by Mirjam Blumenthal, who trained as speech-language therapist and psychologist. Since 1996 she is a researcher in the field of cultural and linguistic diversity in children with auditory and/or communicative impairments. She has worked as speech language therapist in a general hospital and in a multidisciplinary diagnostic speech-language unit for 25 years.

Liesbeth van der Zijden is linguist and researcher at Kentalis. She researched what is known about the consonant system and the phonological and lexical development in of each language in Speakaboo and made the first selection of the target words. Furthermore, Liesbeth investigated the interrater reliability of the Polish version of the Speakaboo. At this moment she is examining normally developing toddlers with Speakaboo, in order to gather reference data for speech therapists in the Netherlands.

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Shosho is a Dutch multidisciplinary studio. Our work includes films, animation and interactive programs where each discipline influences the other. Over the last few years we have participated on multiple serious gaming research projects that have resulted in a "research to market" program, where we assist researchers in improving their ideas and turning them into products for a wider market.  

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